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Destinations in North Macedonia

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Regions in North Macedonia

The area around the Vardar River, which includes Skopje, the capital and biggest city.

Western Macedonia
The majority of Macedonia’s tourism attractions, including the three national parks and Ohrid, can be found here.

Eastern Macedonia
There aren’t as many tourist attractions here, but there are some breathtaking views of country life.

Cities in North Macedonia

  • Skopje is the nation’s capital, and it is home to numerous historic structures and architectural monuments, as well as a plethora of cultural attractions.
  • Bitola is Macedonia’s most “European” town, featuring an old city, Ottoman monuments, a beautiful retail promenade, a lively nightlife, and more.
  • Kratovo is a beautiful hamlet located in the crater of an extinct volcano.
  • Kruševo — a museum-city hidden high in the mountains of southern Macedonia; it is one of the country’s most historically important attractions since it was the scene of an Ottoman Empire rebellion; it also has excellent skiing.
  • Ohrid is a lakeside resort and UNESCO World Heritage Site that is regarded as Macedonia’s crown gem.
  • Prilep is known for its tobacco farms, ancient monasteries, and odd rocks.
  • Veles is a populous city in the country’s center, located on hills on both banks of the Vardar.

Other destinations in North Macedonia

  • Galičica National Park is made up of the hilly terrain between Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa.
  • Mavrovo National Park is Macedonia’s biggest national park. It is home to Golem Korab, the country’s tallest mountain, as well as many beautiful towns and monasteries.
  • Pelister National Park — Bitola and Prespa are separated by the Pelister National Park. It encompasses the Baba Mountain region and includes two glacial lakes known as “Mountain Eyes,” which feed numerous rivers.
  • Prespa — includes the majority of the Great Prespa Lake, which is shared by many neighboring nations. The beauty offered by the lake is complemented by Galiica to the west and Pelister to the east.
  • Stobi is an old city that has become one of the country’s most important archaeological sites.