Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Accommodation & Hotels in Macedonia

EuropeNorth MacedoniaAccommodation & Hotels in Macedonia

Ohrid, being the country’s main tourist attraction, is clearly more costly than any other location in Macedonia. It should be noted that hotel costs are extremely high across the nation and that visitors are charged double rates. It is therefore preferable to stay in private accommodations. If no one asks you at the bus terminal, you may always go to one of the numerous travel companies in and around the city center. If you choose private accommodations, be sure to see the room first before making a decision. Payment is often paid in advance and should not exceed €10-15 per night per person during peak season and half that throughout the rest of the year. It should be noted that obtaining appropriate accommodation in July and August is difficult, so attempt to book ahead of time via a travel agency.

When visiting Lake Ohrid, lodging in neighboring Struga rather than the more popular Ohrid is a smart choice for those who are price and tourist trap concerned.