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Destinations in Netherlands

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Regions in Netherlands

The Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy administratively divided into 12 provinces. Although the Netherlands is a small country, these provinces are relatively diverse and have many cultural and linguistic differences. We have divided them into four regions:

  • Western Netherlands (Flevoland, North Holland, South Holland, Utrecht)
    It is the heart of the Netherlands, with its four largest cities as well as the typical Dutch landscape, with many monuments of the famous water economy. Most of the region is commonly called the Randstad, alluding to urbanisation.
  • Northern Netherlands (Drenthe, Friesland, Groningen).
    The least populated area, mostly unexplored by foreigners but popular with locals. The West Frisian Islands are a great destination for a multi-day trip, as are the Frisian Lakes.
  • Eastern Netherlands (Gelderland, Overijssel)
    Here you will find the largest national park in the Netherlands, the Hoge Veluwe National Park, as well as the beautiful Hanzesteden, seven medieval towns along the IJssel with a traditional historical centre, such as Zutphen, Zwolle, Doesburg and others.
  • Southern Netherlands (Limburg, North Brabant, Zeeland).
    Set apart by its Catholic history, its carnival celebrations, its beer culture and its “Burgundian way of life”.

Cities in Netherlands

The Netherlands has many cities and places of interest for travellers. Below are nine of the most notable:

  • Amsterdam – impressive architecture, beautiful canals, museums and liberal attitudes
  • Delft – unspoilt historic city with its world-famous blue and white ceramics
  • Groningen – student city with a relaxed atmosphere and nightlife until sunrise
  • The Hague – the judicial capital of the world, the seat of government and royalty
  • Leiden – historic student city with the oldest university in the country and three national museums
  • Maastricht – medieval fortified city showcasing the diverse cultures, styles and architecture of the south
  • Nijmegen – one of the oldest cities in the country, known for the four-day walk and its large student population
  • Rotterdam – modern architecture, pleasant nightlife, a lively art scene and the largest port in Europe
  • Utrecht – historic centre, antique shops and the Rietveld-Schröder House

Other destinations in Netherlands

These are interesting destinations outside the big cities.

  • Efteling – well-known amusement park with fairytale elements such as elves and dwarves
  • Hoge Veluwe National Park – perhaps the most visited national park, with moorlands, sand dunes and forests
  • Keukenhof – more than 800,000 visitors see these huge fields of flowers every spring
  • Kinderdijk – these windmills show the typical Dutch landscape in all its glory
  • Schokland – old island evacuated in 1859, a well-preserved ghost village
  • South Limburg – green, hilly landscapes, picturesque villages, castles and orchards
  • Texel – the largest island suitable for cycling, birdwatching, hiking, swimming and horse riding
  • Zaanse Schans – open-air museum with Dutch windmills and Zaan houses
  • Zaanstreek-Waterland – typical Dutch villages and polders with their logs, wooden houses and windmills