Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Things To Do in Montenegro

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Montenegro offers a plethora of local festivals that are well worth attending, ranging from traditional music performances to local celebrations with free food and beverages. Typically, wine and shellfish are served.

  • Bokeska Noc (3rd week of August) – Celebrations beneath masks near Kotor’s famous fortifications, where a terrible figure is burnt every year, while celebrations in the open continue until early morning.
  • Sun Dance Festival (end of July) – The notorious Exit festival has found a new home for the summer season, with the largest music event in SE Europe taking place on Jaz beach in Budva.
  • Days of Wine and Fish in Virpazar – worth experiencing. A gathering of wine and fish enthusiasts in a picturesque small hamlet on Skadar Lake. Very busy, and smoky from the cooking of fish.
  • Petrovacka noc (Petrovac ) – It’s a wonderful time to visit the city and experience the crowds, cuisine, and music as the city celebrates its unique customs.
  • Spring Break – On Kamenovo beach, a typical music festival with a plethora of DJs was held.
  • Blueberry Days – This festival, held in Plav in northern Montenegro, is linked to blueberries, which are famed. It is a significant meeting of Montenegrin diaspora and relatives, as well as many visitors.
  • Pasticada Fest – 21.06
  • Suncane Skale
  • Dani Mimoze
  • Brodet Fest

Outdoor activities

  • Rafting. Rafting down the 100km route of Europe’s biggest canyon in ancient wooden or rubber boats is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.
  • Hiking/Trekking/Biking. Montenegro has depended on numerous paths linking towns, highways, churches, and mountains, which are currently preserved and suitable for all outdoor activities due to the country’s vastness and late development of infrastructure. Route maps are available at tourism offices in towns.
  • Cruise and dive in Boka Bay. Iconic scenery of Boka Bay may be only appreciated fully from the sea-level and various small islands with tremendous history can only be reached that way. Diving may be interesting on several spots along Lustica. 
  • Paragliding over Budva Riviera
  • Kite-surfing on the Ada Bojana. Experience the legendary winds on Montenegro’s 12km long sandy beach in Ulcinj.
  • (summer) Skiing/Snowboarding. While downhill skiing and snowboarding are common sports at resorts in Abbjak and Kolain during the winter, several mountains stay covered in snow throughout the summer and are perfect for wild summer skiing/snowboarding experiences.