Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Stay Safe & Healthy in Montenegro

EuropeMontenegroStay Safe & Healthy in Montenegro

Montenegro is a relatively safe nation. There are a lot of criminal activities in the country, like in other nations, but police forces are usually quick in their tasks. The number is 122, as is the international distress call number 112. It is advised that you stick to the major highways while traveling in the regions bordering Kosovo. Unexploded landmines may still be present near the Kosovo border. You should also avoid locations where military action is taking place.

Beggars and pickpockets are prevalent in tourist cities like as Kotor, Budva, Sveti Stefan, and Herceg Novi. Beggars, as in many other European cities, are members of organized criminal organizations. Don’t give them any money. This may also make you a target for more aggressive tactics. Carry your bags in the safest manner possible, slung over your shoulder, with the pouch in front (with your money carried beneath your clothes) and your arm or hand across it.

Marine urchins are tiny, spherical, spiky sea organisms that cover a large portion of the sea bottom along Montenegro’s coast. This isn’t always a negative thing since they only congregate in crystal pure water. Wearing sea socks or anything to protect your feet when going through the water is a smart idea. Also, if you snorkel, take care not to rub up against the ones on the cliffs’ flanks.

Some roads in the mountains are very narrow, so drive with caution.

Montenegro has two types of viper snakes: sarka and poskok. Both are tiny but extremely dangerous, so be cautious while hiking about, watch your steps, and keep in mind that they never attack humans if they are not disturbed.

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