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Food & Drinks in Montenegro

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Food in Montenegro

Apart from hotels in towns and summer resorts that offer half-board and full-board accommodation, as well as those along roads and communication lines such as restaurants, pizza places, taverns, fast food restaurants, and cafes, there is a selection of national restaurants that serve traditional Montenegrin cuisine.

Montenegro provides a range of nutritious food items and local specialties in addition to the typical European and Mediterranean cuisine.

Cold hors d’oeuvres include the well-known njeguki prut (smoked ham) and njeguki cheese, as well as pljevaljski cheese, mushrooms, doughnuts, and dry bleak. Boiling lamb, lamb cooked in milk, cicvara in fresh milk cream (buttered corn porridge), and boiled potatoes with cheese and fresh cream are the main dishes unique to the northern highland area. Traditional cuisine from the central and coastal regions will be served, including kastradina (dried mutton), smoked and fresh carp (from Skadar lake), and a range of fresh sea fish and seafood dishes. Traditional sweets in these regions of Montenegro include donuts with honey and dried figs.

Veterinary and health authorities monitor and approve animal-derived products in accordance with EU requirements.

Drinks in Montenegro


Montenegrin vineyards and the production of high-quality wine are part of the southern and coastal winemaking traditions.

The most well-known Montenegrin wines are the premium whites “Krsta,” “Cabernet,” and “Chardonnay,” as well as the reds “Vranac” and “Pro Corde.” All of them are manufactured by the well-known firm “Plantae,” but there are also some high-quality home-made wines, such as Crmniko wine.

In a bar or restaurant, a 1L bottle of “Vranac” red wine will cost you between €8 and €15, and it is definitely worth it! In addition, a bottle of “Plantaze” wine costs approximately €2-€4 in shops.


The continental area and north are primarily focused on producing fragrant fruit-flavored brandy (plum brandy – šljivovica, apple brandy – jabukovača). A must-try is grape brandy “Montenegrin loza”, “Prvijenac”, “Kruna” or home-made grape brandy (lozova rakija, lozovaa).


“Nikšićko” beer is the most well-known and widely consumed alcoholic beverage in Montenegro, with prices ranging from €0.50 to €2.50. It is available as a draught beer or in bottled form in both the “Nik Gold” and lighter “Nik Cool” variants. Beer connoisseurs like the dark variety, “Nik tamno.”