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Food & Drinks in Monaco

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Food in Monaco

The food in Monaco is generally superb. From the Cafe de Paris across the street from the casino to the waterfront eateries along the Port de Fontvieille, there are many excellent restaurants to choose from. During the winter months, the restaurants are reasonably priced—for Monaco. The bouillabaisse is delicious here.


There are a plethora of other restaurants and cafés in the city that are reasonably priced and provide great cuisine. Along the marina, there are a few basic cafés that offer simple dishes like pizza, salads, and hotdogs throughout the day. These are great for just relaxing back during the hot noon sun with a cool drink or glass of wine, a snack to replenish your batteries after a day of seeing the city, with the soothing lapping of the Mediterranean (and sometimes the roar of supercars) in your ears. The majority of these eateries have water-misters in the ceilings that softly cool and refresh the patrons.

  • Stars ‘n’ Bars, 6 quai Antoine-1,  +377 97-97-95-95. June-Sept daily 11AM-midnight; Oct-May Tues-Sun 11AM-midnight. Bar is open till 3 a.m. Standard burgers, pizzas, and sandwiches are served in this American-style sports pub. Drinking or eating during Happy Hour provides good value for money.
  • Pizzeria Monégasque, 4 rue Terrazzani, +377 93-30-16-38. Mon-Sat noon-1:45PM and 7:30-11PM (until midnight Fri-Sat). For those on a budget, try a piece of one of their delectable gourmet pizzas, which taste even better when enjoyed on the outside patio. Main meals range in price from 10€ to 22€.
  • McDonald’s, Boulevard Louis II (On the stairs down from the Fairmont hairpin curve to the tunnel entrance.),  +377 97 70 37 91. Mo-Sa 07:00-00:30, Su 07:00-24:00. One of the few establishments with affordable pricing in Monaco. This has to be one of the greatest McDonald’s views in the world! A second location may be found at the Fontvieille Shopping Centre.


  • Café de Paris, Place du Casino, +377 98 06 76 23. Daily 8AM – 2AM. The heart of Monte Carlo, where people flock to see and be seen, buzzes with the sense of early-twentieth-century Monte Carlo. Menu selections vary often, as do the servers, who seem to be rushed through their meals. You may try a diet Coke for €6 (glass of beer 14€, ice cream 16€) while people-watching. Reservations for dinner are strongly advised.
  • Beefbar, quai Jean Charles Ray, 98000. Quality cuts of beef are available at a premium, but unexpectedly justified, price. For the meat, tiny glasses of puree are provided, but each extra cup (much too small) costs 8.5€. Wines are well matched with the red meat. The environment is elegant, and the personnel is very attentive.
  • Baccarat, 4 Escalier Saint-Charles, +377 93-50-66-92. Baccarat offers an airy and genuine ambiance while serving some of the best Italian cuisine in Monte Carlo. Customers such as Robbie Williams return again and again for the oven-baked turbot with artichokes.
  • Fuji, 4 av de la Madone. Sleek and seductive Japanese eatery serving genuine sushi favorites at affordable rates.


Dining in Monaco may be an eye-opening experience for whomever is footing the cost. The Louis XV Restaurant and the Le Grill de L’Hotel de Paris, both focused on the extremely elite Hotel de Paris, are two of the city’s most exclusive and renowned restaurants. You’re almost certainly going to be seated next to a member of the wealthy and famous, and the gourmet cuisine is absolutely out of this world – but these experiences come at a heavy price!

  • Louis XV, Hôtel de Paris – Place du Casino,  +377 98 06 88 64, e-mail: [email protected] Daily 19:30–21:45, This Michelin 3-star rated restaurant offers dining excellence amid wealthy glitterati in one of the world’s best hotels, managed by one of the world’s finest chefs (Alain Ducasse). The degree of complexity for all meals is difficult to match; the sea bass with Italian artichokes consistently receives a grade of 19/20 from restaurant reviewers. The restaurant has the world’s biggest wine cellar, with 250,000 bottles of wine (many of which are priceless) stored in a rock cave. Reservations are required, as are a suit and tie for males. A la carte menus start at €200.
  • Le Grill de L’Hotel de Paris, In the Hôtel de Paris, place du Casino,  +377 92-16-29-66. Although the famous ‘Louis XV’ is frequently ignored, go upwards to the Hotel de Paris’ rooftop for an equally beautiful competitor. Le Grill, which is less imposing than the Ducasse citadel below, serves every conceivable kind of grilled seafood and meat from the surrounding Alps. The 600,000 wine selection is the ideal complement to every meal, and the service is second to none. Dining on the rooftop provides magnificent, panoramic views of Monte Carlo, as well as a blanket of starry sky in the summer. 40-60€ for a main course (without drinks). 

Drinks in Monaco

Champagne is considered a national beverage of Monaco. In a trendy restaurant, a single glass may cost up to €40!

  • Jimmy’z Monte-Carlo, 26 avenue Princesse Grace,  +377 98 06 70 68, e-mail: [email protected] Open all night from 11:30 pm. The ultimate nightclub in Monte Carlo, Jimmy’z is visited by royalty and the uber-rich, which isn’t surprising given the high price tags, with a drink costing upwards of 26€. There are alternative clubs to go to if you can’t afford it. There are two entrances, one two stories below at Le Sporting Club and the other on the street level, and many rock stars and millionaires have passed through both. The staff may be nasty, but so can the majority of the customers. Definitely an adventure.
  • Buddha-Bar Monte-Carlo, Place du Casino (A short walk up the stairs from the hairping curve at Fairmont hotel),  +377 98 06 19 19, e-mail: [email protected] Tu-Sa 18:00-02:00. The well-known Buddha-themed pub, which also offers excellent dishes.
  • Zelos, Top Floor Grimaldi Forum Ave. Princesse Grace, +377 99 99 25 50. The outdoor sitting area, which provides panoramic views from the top level of the Grimaldi Forum, is the ideal place to watch boats sailing into the port. We dare you not to join top models and those who wish to be with them in dancing the early mornings away here. The cocktail menu is excellent, and there are bite-sized snacks available.
  • Bar at the Columbus Monaco, 23 Avenue des Papalins Monte Carlo,  +377 92 059000. Its quiet environment is a welcome contrast from some of Monaco’s high energy pubs. It is more relaxed and informal than some of its competitors. It’s nearly as sweet as the chocolate martinis, which arrive with a large truffle in each glass that gently melts into your cocktails and tastes delicious. Formula One racing car driver David Coulthard is a co-owner, therefore you may run across other Formula 1 drivers.

How To Travel To Monaco

Although not officially part of the Schengen Area, there are no border restrictions when entering or leaving Monaco from France, thus it may be considered part of the Schengen Area for all practical reasons. BY PLANE The closest airport is Nice Côte-d'Azur International in neighboring France, some 40 kilometers (25 miles)...

How To Travel Around Monaco

BY FOOT Walking is by far the best method to travel about Monaco; nevertheless, certain places, such as the Exotic Gardens, need a significant shift in elevation and therefore demand hard treks. There are also seven public escalators and elevators (all of which are free) to assist in navigating the...

Money & Shopping in Monaco

Money The euro (€) is used in Monaco, and it is split into 100 cents. Currency exchange is simple for a variety of currencies. ATMs are widely available. Shopping Shopping in Monte Carlo is generally very exclusive, and it is not a place to go on a budget. There are many locations where...

Things To See in Monaco

The principality of Monaco has an excellent mix of ancient and contemporary attractions. There are museums, palaces, retail malls, and casinos to visit. Monaco also has places to rest along the port and even near the attractions. If you take the time to understand where the different "short cuts"...

Things To Do in Monaco

Hike or drive up Tête de Chien ("Dogs Head"). Enjoy one of the most breathtaking views of Monaco. Another excellent spot nearby with an amazing view can be found just north of the "Fort de la Tête de Chien."Hike along the coastal path from Monaco to Carnoles. A lovely stroll with...

Festivals & Holidays in Monaco

Monaco Grand Prix (Grand Prix de Monaco),  +377 93 15 26 24, e-mail: [email protected] The most well-known Formula One Grand Prix is held on the streets of Monaco. It is also one of Europe's most important social events of the year. Every year in mid-May, the Automobile Club of Monaco stages this magnificent Formula...

Stay Safe & Healthy in Monaco

Monaco is a secure, crime-free environment with a robust police presence. It boasts the lowest murder rate of any nation in the world, as well as one of the lowest total crime rates. Because of their prosperous status, every public area is covered with cameras, and any kind of...



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