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Stay Safe & Healthy in Moldova

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Stay Safe in Moldova

Travelers visiting Moldova for business or romance should be wary of the possibility of frauds, especially if first contact was established through the Internet – notably international money scams and Russian Internet dating schemes.

Transnistria, a breakaway territory, has declared (and mostly achieved) independence but lacks international recognition. As a result, consular assistance in the event of an emergency is generally inadequate. Corrupt police and border guards may attempt to collect bribe money, although crime rates are low in comparison to ‘normal’ crime rates. In reality, locals are usually extremely polite and will go out of their way to accommodate visitors. You may anticipate a long, and almost certainly alcoholic, dinner to be served just in your honor.

At religious places, conservative attire is required. Shorts are not permitted, and ladies must cover their heads while entering monasteries and churches.

While bribery and police corruption are still issues in Moldova, things are looking better. It is nevertheless recommended that travelers carry the phone number of their embassy as well as the contact information for the hotel where they are staying. Foreigners must also have their passports with them at all times. In most cases, though, no one checks this in a regular environment.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages may also be an issue. It’s usual to run across drunks, particularly late at night. Most are amiable, however they may be aggressive and will violate your personal space. This may be frightening the first few times. Normally, politely stepping away works. People who move to a nation where alcohol use is lower risk of getting inebriated.

Stay Healthy in Moldova

Soil and groundwater have been polluted by the widespread use of agricultural chemicals, including prohibited pesticides such as DDT. If you are worried, use water from a recognized safe source for drinking, cooking, and oral hygiene, since conventional water treatment, including boiling, does not eliminate such chemical contamination.

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