Tuesday, October 26, 2021

How To Travel Around Moldova

EuropeMoldovaHow To Travel Around Moldova

The bus is the most dependable and comprehensive domestic mode of transportation, connecting you to almost every region of the nation.

Chişinău is the country’s major transportation center. Every city and town in Moldova is served by one of the three bus terminals. Small minibuses that accommodate around 15 passengers are the quickest mode of transportation. Larger buses are also utilized, and since they run at slower speeds, they are slightly safer.

There is a state-run trolleybus system in Chișinău, which contains several modern cars. The price is presently 2 lei, and fares are collected and tickets are issued by a conductress. There is also a ‘bus service that runs on fewer routes.

In most cities, minibuses (rutierele in Moldovan Romanian; marshrutki in Russian) are accessible. They are privately owned and are summoned by asking that the car stop; nevertheless, they are often overcrowded. Drivers should be paid upon boarding (currently 3 lei in Chişinău), however some passengers insist on seating first and giving the money to the person in front of them to give to the driver, so don’t be surprised if random people behind you start handing you money.