Sunday, October 17, 2021

Destinations in Moldova

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  • Chişinău – A capital is a governmental municipality (Municipiul). A lovely place to visit for a few days and stroll about in.
  • Bălţi like the capital, is worth a visit. A pleasant pedestrian zone surrounds the center plaza. Explore the city’s historic district.
  • Soroca is regarded as Moldova’s “Romani (Gypsy) capital.” Numerous ornately adorned Roma homes may be seen on the hill on the west side of town. The city also has the Soroca fort, which was constructed in 1499 by Stefan cel Mare. It was a vital link in the network of fortifications that now runs across Moldova and Ukraine along the Nistru River. Hours may be irregular, particularly throughout the winter. A Monument named “The Candle of Gratitude” may be seen 5 kilometers south of Soroca on the route into town. The 600 steps lead up to the peak, which is 29.5 meters (98 feet) above sea level.