Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Traditions & Customs in Malta

EuropeMaltaTraditions & Customs in Malta
  • Maltese people are kind, giving, and helpful, despite their guarded demeanor.
  • Maltese people talk louder than mainlanders, thus they may seem to be screaming at you even though the level is normal.
  • Malta is a primarily Roman Catholic nation; visitor carousing, although allowed to some degree, is frowned upon, particularly outside of St. Julian’s and Paceville.
  • When attending a church, dress appropriately. As a general rule, males must remove their caps and sunglasses. Ensure that your knees and shoulders are protected. Some churches, particularly those on popular package tours, offer shawls and/or skirts to any guests who are improperly clothed.
  • If a service has already begun, you may be denied admission to a church, so come on time if you want to visit.