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Stay Safe & Healthy in Malta

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Stay Safe in Malta

Malta is usually regarded as secure. Visitors visiting Paceville at night, on the other hand, should take care.

Because Malta is a major Mediterranean port, sailors on shore leave can get very raucous after lengthy journeys, and the introduction of low-cost air travel to Malta has brought an influx of teenagers from around Europe enjoying brief inexpensive weekend vacations in the sun.

Despite the fact that most public parking spots in Malta are free, parking attendants will impatiently extract gratuities from you under the guise of “charity.” They’ll persuade you believe it’s mandatory by telling you that everyone does it. However, bear in mind that tipping is entirely voluntary, and you are under no obligation to do so, particularly if you believe the parking attendant is unpleasant. Feel free to walk away – those men won’t damage your vehicle if you don’t tip (but be prepared that they may yell at you). Remember that if parking is not free (like at an airport), there will be a notice indicating this.

People of color have been known to face racial prejudice on the island of Malta.

Stay Healthy in Malta

The greatest health danger in Malta is the scorching heat in the summer, which may burn unwary visitors. Use a lot of sunscreen.

It is unknown if tap water is safe to drink.

Throughout the nation, there are many free and generally extremely clean public restrooms. However, toilet paper is not always readily accessible.

Dial 112 for an ambulance, fire department, or police department. Mater Dei Hospital (Telephone: (+356) 2545 0000) and Gozo General Hospital (Telephone: 2156 1600) are the major hospitals.

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