Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Money & Shopping in Malta

EuropeMaltaMoney & Shopping in Malta

The euro is used in Malta. It is one of many European nations that utilize the Euro. All euro banknotes and coins are legal tender across the EU.

One euro is made up of 100 cents.

The euro’s official sign is €, and its ISO code is EUR. The cent does not have an official symbol.

Other than the Euro, major currencies are not accepted as over-the-counter money. They were generally accepted years ago and were altered on the fly at restaurants and pubs. So, if you have dollars or pounds, it’s better to convert them at one of the many exchange offices or banks located around the island before venturing out.



By European standards, transportation expenses are low. The cost of a weekly bus pass is €21.


In comparison to Western European cities, food prices are affordable. A Maltese-sized pizza in a good restaurant costs between 7€ and 12€. Snacks (sandwiches, hamburgers, and pizza pieces) range in price from 1€50 to 5€.

A main dish at a higher-end restaurant will usually cost between 20 and 30€.