Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Things To Do in Lithuania

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Druskininkai and Palanga are the finest places to visit if you’re looking for some health treatment or leisure. Neringa is an excellent choice for a relaxing, peaceful vacation where you can reconnect with yourself.

Basketball is the national sport, and the whole country is obsessed with it (comparable to the British with Soccer and New Zealand with rugby). Lithuania is one of the most successful international teams, having won bronze medals in three of the four Olympic games and placing fourth in 2008. All of this came after just five Olympic appearances. BC algiris of Kaunas and BC Lietuvos Rytas of Vilnius are the two most important domestic clubs. As a result, a basketball court can be found in virtually every park and playground.

If someone challenges you to a basketball game, be cautious. Basketball is extremely popular in Lithuania, and you may just humiliate yourself.