Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Language & Phrasebook in Lithuania

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Lithuanian is the official language of Lithuania, and it is one of only two languages on the Baltic branch of the Indo-European family (the other being Latvian). Despite Lithuanian’s resemblance to many other European languages, its ancient grammar makes it difficult for outsiders inexperienced with the language to construct even simple phrases.

According to European Union data, approximately 40% of the population speaks Russian as a second language, making it the most beneficial non-Lithuanian language to learn. Although the younger generation is improving their English skills, just 32% of Lithuanians are fluent in the language. In average, older generations speak Russian more often, whereas younger generations speak English more frequently. For historical reasons, Polish and, to a lesser degree, German are also spoken in certain areas. Lithuanians are constantly eager to improve their English, but those who acquire a few simple words in the native language are usually rewarded with good will and gratitude.

The majority of people in Samogitia (Western Lithuania) speak a dialect of Samogitian that is distinct from Standard Lithuanian.