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Internet & Communications in Lithuania

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Land line phones

For landline phones, there is a monopoly operator, TEO (now “TeliaSonera AB”), which is a joint venture between Sweden (Telia) and Finland (Sonera). Landline phones are widely available across the United States. Cards, which may be found in kiosks, “TEO,” or newspaper stands, are used with phones.

Mobile phones

Omnitel, BITE, and TELE 2 are the three largest mobile phone carriers in Lithuania. The typical European GSM 900/1800 MHz network covers around 97 percent of the country’s area, with the remaining 3% being non-walkable woods.

Mobile internet for travelers

Lithuania is the first nation to implement the ‘EU Internet’ solution, which provides tourists with low-cost mobile internet access. You may use fast local 3G mobile internet without changing your SIM card when visiting Lithuania.

Please be aware that if you turn on ‘EU Internet,’ you will be able to use GOOGLE MAPS without paying data roaming costs. There are no data roaming costs while utilizing Cheap Data services. Keep in mind that the Cheap Data option only works with SIM cards from the European Union.

International calls

To make a call from Lithuania to another country, follow these steps:

  • 00 from a landline phone Code for your country The International Number
  • Your Country Code from a mobile phone The International Number

International and roaming calls are expensive. To reduce your bill you can:Purchase “phone cards” to make international calls or use the Internet to communicate.


If you’re carrying a laptop, Wireless LAN Hot-Spots may be found at various locations (mainly “Zebra” from – TEO), and are occasionally free, but not always. The best locations to look for one are airports, train stations, cafés, shopping malls, universities, and other public areas. You may inquire at your hotel, but expect to be charged. Internet cafés are available in major cities for people who need to connect. In Kaunas’ major pedestrian thoroughfare, Laisvs Alja, you may obtain free wireless Internet. Lithuania’s internet speed is actually faster than that of the United States. The upload speed is 16.8 Mbit/s, while the download speed is 26.2 Mbit/s. Keep in mind that such high-speed internet is not available for free.

You can utilize CSD, HSCSD, GPRS, or EDGE on your mobile phone, but the cost may be prohibitive. UMTS is only accessible in a few of the country’s larger cities. If your phone isn’t SIM-locked, you may want to consider getting a data-only pre-paid SIM card.

If you wish to use the internet to connect with friends or locals, you’ll need one of two programs: Skype or ICQ. Skype is the most popular talking software, and it may be used in English as well. Social networking services are also becoming more popular in Lithuania. is the most popular, followed by Facebook (with over 600,000 members). Myspace is a social networking site, although it is not extensively utilized.

Traditional Post

Please do not expect to locate and eat noodles if you see the sign “Lietuvos paštas” on a shop. It is, in fact, a post office where letters and parcels may be sent.