Wednesday, October 27, 2021

How To Travel To Lithuania

EuropeLithuaniaHow To Travel To Lithuania

By plane

The majority of airlines fly into Vilnius International Airport and the smaller coastal Palanga Airport, although Ryanair flies into Kaunas International Airport.

Latvia’s Riga airport provides a viable option for travel to northern Lithuania.

By train

Vilnius is accessible by rail from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Minsk, and Kaliningrad. It should be noted that certain Russian trains (from Vilnius to Moscow and from Kaliningrad to St. Petersburg through Vilnius (but not a direct train from Vilnius to St. Petersburg)) travel through Belarus, necessitating the acquisition of a separate visa.

There are presently no links between Lithuania and Latvia or Poland (as of February 2016).

By car

Kaunas is connected to Warsaw in the south and Riga and Tallinn in the north by the major “Via Baltica” route. The Baltic route between Vilnius and Tallinn has just been rebuilt. It’s a really simple and enjoyable path. The main highways connecting the cities are generally of good condition. When leaving the major roads in rural regions, be very careful since some of them may include potholes and other flaws that may harm a normal vehicle if driven too quickly. There are typically cafés and gas stations with restrooms and food along the way between cities.

By boat

Lisco and Scandlines provide passenger/car ferries to Klaipeda from Sweden, Germany, and Denmark. They do not, however, run every day and are very sluggish.