Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Food & Drinks in Liechtenstein

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In Liechtenstein’s major cities, there are a few restaurants. There’s also a McDonald’s restaurant (established in 1996; offers wine) that’s extremely popular and has road signs all across the nation advertising it.

A warm, fresh roll or pastry may be found in one of the numerous local bakeries.

Liechtenstein produces a limited quantity of wine, which is accessible in supermarkets and tourist stores across the nation. For an average bottle, expect to spend about CHF25. In Vaduz, off the main road, the Prince has his own vineyard. Beer produced using Liechtenstein malt is also available for purchase, but the majority of the beer is brewed in Switzerland. There are also a number of different European wines, beers, and soft drinks to choose from. Liechtenstein currently has a brewery that produces a range of beers, including lagers in the Helles (blonde) and Hefe Weizen (unfiltered wheat) genres.

In Triesen, there is also a one-man distillery that produces fruit-based liquors and schnapps. Saturday tours are available.