Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Internet & Communications in Latvia

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The Latvian Postal Service (Latvijas Pasts) is a dependable and usually secure method of sending mail and packages. They provide a variety of services for different circumstances, including the delivery of bagged items weighing up to 30 kg.

Telephone & Internet

Any GSM phone that works elsewhere in Europe will also function in Latvia. If you intend to remain in Latvia for an extended length of time, it may be more cost effective to get a local SIM card that includes voice, text, and data. Almost all petrol stations, kiosks, and supermarkets sell prepaid SIM cards and separate renewal coupons. In terms of price and services, all operators are roughly equivalent. LMT, Tele2, and Bite are the most popular.

Hotels, cafés, libraries, intercity buses, and the Riga International Airport all provide free WiFi. If there does not seem to be an open network available, feel free to inquire at the cash register or information desk.