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Festivals & Holidays in Latvia

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Public holidays in Latvia

DateEnglish NameLocal NameNotes
1 JanuaryNew Year’s DayJaunais Gads 
The Friday before Easter SundayGood FridayLielā Piektdiena 
March/AprilEaster SundayLieldienas 
The day after Easter SundayEaster MondayOtrās Lieldienas 
1 MayLabour DayDarba svētkiMay 1 also marks the convening of the constitutional assembly in 1920, which is commemorated on this day.
4 MayRestoration of Independence dayLatvijas Republikas Neatkarības atjaunošanas dienaOn 4 May 1990. Latvia declared its independence from the USSR, and restoration of the Republic of Latvia. The next Monday is a holiday if the day falls on a weekend.
Second Sunday of MayMother’s dayMātes diena 
23 JuneMidsummer EveLīgo Diena 
24 JuneMidsummerJāņi 
18 NovemberProclamation Day of the Republic of LatviaLatvijas Republikas proklamēšanas dienaOn this day in 1918, Latvia declared its independence. The next Monday is a holiday if the day falls on a weekend.
24 DecemberChristmas EveZiemassvētku vakars 
25 DecemberChristmas DayZiemassvētki 
26 DecemberBoxing DaySecond Day of ChristmasOtrie Ziemassvētki 
31 DecemberNew Year’s EveVecgada vakars


Latvian Song and Dance Festival

One of Latvia’s most important cultural events, which began in 1873 as a singing festival. Choirs, folk dance groups, brass bands, and other live acts are now part of the event. Cultural events include competitions, exhibits, concerts, parades, and joint concerts. Riga is bustling with people dressed in traditional Latvian garb and smiling Latvians. Every five years, it takes place. The last event took place from June 30 to July 7, 2013, and the next one is scheduled for 2018.

  • New Year’s Eve, The majority of residents celebrate with their family, although there are likely to be activities on the streets as well.
  • Jāņi, Latvians commemorate the summer solstice with Ji, the midsummer celebration, on June 24. Flea markets are staged in a variety of locations prior to the festival.
  • Summer solstice celebration (Vasaras saulgrieži), Turaidas muzejrezervāts, Turaidas iela 10, Siguldas novads, Sigulda LV-2150. Throughout Latvia, traditional festivities are conducted in a variety of locations. The most well-known takes place in the Turaida Muzeum.
  • Latvian Song and Dance Festival (Latvian Vispārējie latviešu Dziesmu un Deju svētki), Vērmanes garden, Riga,  +371 28611731, e-mail: [email protected] It takes place every five years, at the beginning of July. One of Latvia’s most important cultural events, which began in 1873 as a singing festival. Since then, this event has become an essential part of Latvian culture, having been held 25 times. It’s worth noting that there are smaller Song and Dance Festivals every five years. Around 30,000 people attend from all across the nation, with choirs and dance groups at the center of the festivities. The event also features brass bands, folk groups, performers of the zither-like kokle, amateur theater troupes, and international visitors. The annual parade through Riga’s streets is not to be missed, as the participants attract a large and passionate crowd.
  • Easter (Lieldienas), Whole Latvia. Traditional Easter festivities with swings and egg battles may typically be seen in town centers.
  • International Baltic Ballet festivalRiga,  +371 673 36 123, e-mail: [email protected]  
  • Cēsis art festival (Mākslas festivāls Cēsis), Cēsis,  +371 29 334 417. It takes place every year at the end of July and the beginning of August.
  • Count of May (Maija Grāfs), Spīķeru laukums, Rīga. It takes place in Rga every year in the middle of May. Medieval tournaments, witch trials, and traditional dances are all part of the festivities.
  • White night (Baltā nakts), Rīga. It takes place in Rga every year in the beginning of September.
  • Old traditions festival (Seno tradīciju festivāls), Tērvete. Every year on the second Saturday in August, this event takes place.
  • Medieval Day at Cēsis Castle (Cēsu Pils Viduslaiku diena), Cēsis. Every year on the first Saturday in August, this event takes place.
  • Latviabeerfest, Vērmanes garden, Riga,  +371 27 726 200, e-mail: [email protected] It happens once a year, around the end of May. The Baltic nations’ biggest international beer festival. €2.
  • International Ice Sculpture Festival, Uzvaras park, Jelgava,  +371 630 23 461, e-mail: [email protected] It takes place every year in the beginning of February. €4.50.

Music festivals

  • Positivus Festival, Zvejnieku park, Sporta street 6, Salacgrīva, e-mail: [email protected] It takes place every year in mid-July. Latvia’s biggest music festival, presenting a diverse range of international performers in a laid-back atmosphere. A three-day ticket costs €60, while a VIP pass costs €200.
  • Riga Rhythms Festival (Rīgas Ritmi Festivāls), Riga,  +371 67 105 216. It takes place every year in the beginning of July.
  • Saulkrasti Jazz Festival, Saulkrasti, e-mail: [email protected] It happens every year at the end of July. By the water, Latvian and international artists play. There will be performances throughout week, culminating in a closing concert. It’s completely free.
  • Bauska Country Music Festival, Bauska. It takes place every year in mid-July for two days. Country artists from Europe and the United States play. Camping is available on-site.
  • Laba Daba, Līgatnes novads. It takes place every year at the end of July for two days. €30-35.