Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Accommodation & Hotels in Latvia

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Although there aren’t many five-star hotels in Latvia, there are lots of pleasant places to stay at affordable rates. There are many hotels to select from, with rates ranging from €30 outside of Riga to €60 downtown Riga.

There is also a modest network of youth hostels. Dormitory rooms cost around €15, while single and double rooms cost about €30.

In most parks, camping is not permitted. Although most rural property is privately owned, camping on it is generally permitted. It is a good idea to get permission from the landowner since you may be denied permission to camp on privately held property, even if just for one night. However, most people are understanding and would happily let you camp. Keep in mind that staying in close proximity to someone’s house or remaining in the same location for more than two days is deemed impolite. In general, use your common sense. There may be free campsites that are marked as such, particularly in national parks. Small-business-run commercial campsites are also growing increasingly popular in Latvia.

Guest houses or country homes, some of which are located on farms, are excellent places to stay in the countryside. Due to the restricted number of guests and individualized care, they are typically considerably less expensive than hotels and of much higher quality than hostels. These homes are often managed by families and provide a complete range of facilities, with some even adhering to hotel star standards. Many leisure activities are typically available, such as the famous Latvian sauna (pirts) and horseback riding. You may inquire with your hosts about surrounding famous sites, places to see, and any events that are taking place at the time that they would recommend attending. Keep in mind, though, that you won’t be able to just “show up” and will need to prepare ahead, calling the guest home a day or two before your visit. This may vary depending on the location. Guest homes may be found all throughout the countryside, and they are often featured in tourist brochures.

The Latvian rural tourism organization Lauku ceotjs has produced catalogs and maps that provide information on different kinds of lodging as well as cultural heritage locations and natural parks. The publications are available for download online or in the association’s Riga headquarters.