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Festivals & Holidays in Ireland

EuropeIrelandFestivals & Holidays in Ireland

Ireland’s public holidays are listed below. In Ireland (like in other countries), public holidays may celebrate a particular day or event, such as St. Patrick’s Day or Christmas Day. Most businesses and schools are closed on public holidays (sometimes known as bank holidays – a colloquialism). Other services, such as public transportation, continue to function, albeit with modified timetables.

The following are the nine public holidays observed in Ireland each year:

DateEnglish NameIrishNameNotes
1 JanuaryNew Year’s DayLá Cailleor
Lá Bliana Nua
The majority of people also take time off on New Year’s Eve (Oche Chinn Bliana).
17 MarchSaint Patrick’s DayLá Fhéile PádraigIt’s a national holiday. In 1903, it was declared an official public holiday in Ireland.
Moveable MondayEaster MondayLuan CáscaThe day following Easter Sunday (Domhnach Cásca) falls on the same day as the Easter Rising commemoration. Although Good Friday (Aoine a Chéasta) is not a national holiday, it is observed by all state schools and certain companies.
Moveable MondayMay DayLá BealtaineMay 1st is the first Monday of the month. It was first noticed in 1994.
Moveable MondayJune HolidayLá Saoire i mí an MheithimhThe first Monday in June is a national holiday in the United States. Until 1973, it was known as Whit Monday.
Moveable MondayAugust HolidayLá Saoire i mí LúnasaThe first Monday in August.
Moveable MondayOctober HolidayLá Saoire i mí Dheireadh FómhairThe last Monday in October. (Lá Saoire Oíche Shamhna). First observed in 1977.
25 DecemberChristmas DayLá NollagThe majority of people begin their Christmas festivities on Christmas Eve (Oche Nollag), which includes taking time off work.
26 DecemberSt. Stephen’s DayLá Fhéile Stiofáin or Lá an DreoilínThe day following Christmas is dedicated to Saint Stephen’s feast day. The Wren’s Day is referred to as Lá a Dreoiln.

Even if a public holiday occurs on a Saturday or Sunday, or overlaps with another public holiday, it is usually celebrated (as a day off work) on the following available weekday. An employee is entitled to at least one of the following (as determined by the employer): a day off within a month, an extra day of paid yearly leave, or an additional day’s salary under such circumstances. The standard procedure is to provide a day off on the following available weekday.