Saturday, September 18, 2021

Internet & Communications in Greece

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You can check with various news agencies that offer Greek news in English, such as the official news agency of Athens and Reuters or Kathimerini, English Edition (a daily newspaper published in Athens and distributed exclusively with the International New York Times in Greece and Cyprus), but it is always safer to stay in touch with the local population (e.g. in case of a fire in a nearby town you want to visit).


The cheapest way to call someone abroad – and it is really cheap – is to use a prepaid card and call from a landline anywhere (even from your hotel room). Prepaid calling cards are sold in many shops and kiosks. The calling card is nothing more than a phone number and a pin code that you dial before dialling your usual phone number. If you want to call abroad, ask for an international calling card. For one euro, you can make calls for about 45 minutes. So buy a card with the cheapest value (which is about 3 euros). Calling someone for half an hour is cheaper than sending an email from an internet café. Cards usually expire 90 days after the first use.

You can also use this prepaid phone card in public phone boxes, which are very common.

Mobile phones are widely used for communication in Greece and if you need to talk to your fellow travellers, it is advisable to buy a local prepaid plan instead of roaming as it is much cheaper. There are at least three mobile operators, Cosmote, Wind and Vodafone, all of which by law require you to show ID to activate your prepaid package. Choose the one that offers the best reception in your area. Note that the GSM 900, GSM 1800 and UMTS 2100 bands are supported. Data usage is cheap, costing about 3 euros per 100 MB. Check with your mobile phone operator for more information.


Internet access is available throughout the country. Almost all hotels offer internet access, either for free or for a fee. Local cafés usually offer free Wi-Fi access, as do many other public places. Feel free to ask for the password if the network is locked. However, internet cafés tend to be expensive, around 1.5 to 2 euros per hour. Mobile operators support data roaming with 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE technologies.