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How To Travel Around Georgia

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Taxis are the most convenient and inexpensive mode of transportation in Georgia. Trips inside Tbilisi cost 3 to 5 lari, depending on distance, and you may bargain with the taxi drivers. Previously, the overwhelming majority of taxis in Georgia were unauthorized “gypsy cabs” operated by anybody seeking to earn a quick buck. In Georgia, such unmarked cab services were safe and frequently utilized by foreigners living and visiting the nation. Drivers, on the other hand, would inflate the price for foreigners—it was essential to know your location and price before getting in the taxi. The situation changed a few years ago when all official cabs were required to have meters with set prices installed.


Minibuses are known as marshrutkas, and they run on predetermined routes. After determining your route number, flag down a marshrutka on the street by putting out your hand, palm facing down.

There are also minibus routes that connect cities. Their routes often terminate at bus terminals and city marketplaces. On a sign in the front window, their destination is inscribed in Georgian. If you can’t locate the minibus you’re searching for, ask a marshrutka driver.

By train

Georgia has a reasonably large railway network. The train company’s website is Trains are sluggish, but they are also inexpensive. So, if you are planning a trip from Tblisi to, say, the Black Sea coast, it is well worth your time to consider taking a sleeper train rather than spending x hours in a Marshurtka.

By bike

Because the terrain is quite hilly, you might think about renting a mountain bike. Many roads are still unpaved. However, riding a bike enables you to access more distant areas. Mountain bikes may be rented in larger cities, such as Tbilisi’s Jomardi club.

City Bus

Tbilisi now has new Dutch buses on the road. They are the cheapest method to travel, whether they are pleasant or not (they do not have air conditioning) (for 40 tetri). However, buses in Georgia’s countryside and outside of Tbilisi are outdated and sluggish.

Mountain Travel

Buses and taxis will only carry you so far in Georgia’s most rural areas (e.g., Dusheti, Khevsureti, etc.) if you don’t have a tour company. Hiking, catching a ride on a goods-transporting truck, or hiring a jeep will all be required at some time. To catch a truck, you must be flexible in your travel arrangements. Hiring a jeep may be very costly due to the high cost of gas caused by shortages in distant areas. Inquire at the bus station or central market of the final town on the bus or marshrutka route about either choice.

How To Travel To Georgia

By plane London (bmi), Paris (Georgian Airways), Vienna (Austrian Airlines), Warsaw (LOT Airlines), Kiev (Georgian Airways), Munich (Lufthansa), Athens (Georgian Airways), Riga (airBaltic), Istanbul (Turkish Airlines), and Prague all have flights to Tbilisi (Czech Airlines). KLM has canceled services to Tbilisi, although Georgian Airways operates flights from and to Amsterdam....

Visa & Passport Requirements for Georgia

All visa-free nationalities may remain for a maximum of one year. African and Asian nationalities (with the exception of East Timor) are granted multiple-entry visas valid for 30 days during a 120-day period. For others, the visa is valid for 90 days out of a total of 180 days. Nationals...

Destinations in Georgia

Regions in Georgia KartliThe Georgian heartland, the core of East Georgian culture, and the nation's economic, cultural, and political center; home to the most popular tourist attractions of Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Gori, and Stepantsminda. Rioni RegionThe capital of West Georgia and the ancient kingdom of Colchis, the land of the Golden Fleece;...

Accommodation & Hotels in Georgia

Every year, the number of large Western hotels in Georgia increases, not only in Tbilisi, but also in Batumi and other Georgian towns. Private houses, on the other hand, are the cheapest and most pleasant choice across most of the countryside, but this is very much a homestay; anticipate...

Things To See in Georgia

Georgia has three UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Bagrati Cathedral and Gelati Monastery in the Rioni region.The historical monuments of Mtskheta.The Upper Svaneti region which is the highest inhabited region in Europe. Furthermore, Tbilisi's capital provides a variety of attractions, including the Old Town with the Narikala Fortress. Gori, Stalin's birthplace, also...

Food & Drinks in Georgia

Food in Georgia Types of places to eat regular dining establishment (more expensive)restaurant (sasadilo) - cafeteria-style diner that may be more delicious and less expensive than restaurantscafe, street-foodbeer bar, pub (ludis-bari)sakhinkle (სახინკლე) - locations specifically for khinkali, where other foods may also be foundsapurmari - meeting spots in nature, where a...

Money & Shopping in Georgia

Gold & Other Jewellery – Gold, silver, handcrafted & other miscellaneous jewelry, and precious stones are all extremely affordable in Georgia, and the quality of the precious stones, gold, and silver is excellent. Because of the low cost and high quality of Georgian jewelry, many tourists visit the country to...

Internet & Communications in Georgia

Mail Georgian postal services are practically non-existent. There aren't any letterboxes or home delivery services. Mail does not arrive at recipients' homes, but they are informed and must pick up their mail at a post office. Postal charges are expensive (3 GEL to transmit to another nation, compared to 1...

Language & Phrasebook in Georgia

Georgian and its kindred languages are a great delight for language enthusiasts. They may be a nightmare for everyone else. Georgian is a Caucasian language that is unrelated to any other languages spoken outside of Georgia, and it is known for its consonants. Not only are there a lot,...

Traditions & Customs in Georgia

Georgians are very hospitable (and beyond). If you are invited someplace by a Georgian, it will be almost difficult to pay for anything, and even bringing up the topic of who will pay the bill may be humiliating for your host. If you are invited to a private house...

Culture Of Georgia

Georgian culture developed through thousands of years, beginning with the Iberian and Colchian civilizations and continuing with the emergence of the united Georgian Kingdom under the Bagrationi dynasty. In the 11th century, Georgian culture had a golden period and renaissance in classical literature, arts, philosophy, architecture, and science. After a...

History Of Georgia

Prehistory Homo erectus has been living in modern-day Georgia since the Paleolithic Era. The proto-Georgian tribes emerge in recorded history for the first time in the 12th century BC. The oldest evidence of wine has been discovered in Georgia, where 8000-year-old wine jars were discovered. Archaeological discoveries and allusions in ancient...

Stay Safe & Healthy in Georgia

Stay Safe in Georgia The majority of Georgia is extremely safe for visitors. Crime rates in the country are among the lowest in Europe. Corruption, which was previously a major annoyance for visitors, has been much less apparent after the Rose Revolution. Because the notorious and corrupt traffic police have been...



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