Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Things To See in Finland

EuropeFinlandThings To See in Finland
  • On a hot and bright summer day, Helsinki, the Baltic’s Daughter
  • Turku’s historical buildings and the surrounding Archipelago Sea are best seen from a yacht or the deck of a large vehicle ferry.
  • Puttering about Porvoo, Finland’s second-oldest city, with its beautiful wooden homes
  • Renting a vehicle and touring Eastern Finland’s Lake Land, which is studded with approximately 60 000 lakes and a comparable number of islands, each with its own lake…
  • The most atmospheric castle in Finland is Olavinlinna Castle in Savonlinna, particularly during the annual Opera Festival.
  • The oldest castle in Finland is Hämeenlinna Castle in Hämeenlinna. Built in the thirteenth century.
  • In Kemi, you may cruise on an icebreaker and see the world’s largest snow castle.
  • At Saariselkä, you may see the Northern Lights and try your hand at sledding down a mile-long course.
  • A ride on the classic wooden roller coaster “Linnanmäki” (Helsinki). Unlike contemporary designs, it relies only on gravity to keep it on the track, and each train needs a driver to activate the brakes.