Friday, September 10, 2021

Internet & Communications in Estonia

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  • Tallinn and Tartu have extensive access to wireless, free internet.
  • On the open road, you will often come across gas stations that also provide wireless internet connection.
  • If you do not own a laptop, public libraries have free computers.
  • The number of internet cafés is decreasing, although many are open nearly all night in Tallinn and Tartu (expect to spend €2-3 per hour).
  • Most hotels also provide a computer with internet connection.
  • Tallinn airport’s departure lounge offers numerous free internet connection stations for travelers.


  • Dial the 7 or 8 digit number provided for local calls. There is no “0” before local numbers.
  • To make an international call from Estonia, dial “00” followed by the country code and number.
  • To make an international call to Estonia, dial “00” from most countries or contact your operator, followed by the country code “372” and the 7 or 8-digit number.
  • Dial “112” in an emergency. Dial “110” exclusively for police.

Mobile phones

  • In Estonia, “everyone” owns a cell phone.
  • To call Estonia from overseas, add +372 to the number.
  • Mobile service is accessible everywhere, even on tiny islands and at sea.
  • R-kiosks sell prepaid (pay-as-you-go) SIM cards and top-up cards (ask for a “knekaart” – calling card in English). Smart, Simpel, Diil, and Zen are popular brands. Start-up packages vary from €1.55 to €10.

Postal service

  • Within Estonia, the cost of mail for a letter weighing up to 50 grams is €0.45.
  • The fee is €1 for other EU nations, Norway, Switzerland, Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine, and €1.10 for the rest of the globe.
  • Mark all air mail pieces with “Prioritaire/Par Avion” stickers available at post offices, or plainly print it on the mail if necessary.
  • Stamps are sold in post offices, which are typically open during regular business hours, as well as at newsstands.
  • Saturday post offices are operating, although for fewer hours than during the week, while Sundays are closed.