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Money & Shopping in Denmark

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The Danish krone is the country’s currency (DKK, plural “kroner” and locally abbreviated “kr”). In the more “touristy” businesses with Copenhagen, as well as the traditional beach resorts along Jutland’s West Coast and Bornholm Island, you may frequently pay in Euros. The Danish krone is linked to the euro in a tight range of 2.25 percent plus or minus. The Kroner is available as 50 re (12 kroner) copper coins, 1, 2, and 5 kroner silver nickel coins with a central hole, and solid 10 and 20 kroner bronze coins. Notes are available in denominations of DKK50 (purple), DKK100 (orange), DKK200 (green), DKK500 (blue), and DKK1000 (blue) (red).

While the Faroese króna and the next series of Greenlandic bank notes have the same face value, they are not legal tender in Denmark (and vice versa), but they may be freely exchanged in any bank at a 1:1 ratio under Danish law.


Even in small communities, automatic teller machines are commonly accessible; nevertheless, some ATMs are locked at night for security concerns. Dankortautomat, hveautomat, or kontantautomat are Danish words that may be helpful to remember if the term ATM is unfamiliar to you.

Almost all machines will take Danish Dankort, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express, JCB, and China UnionPay, independent of operator (CUP). While most shops accept international credit and debit cards, many still take just the local Dankort. PIN-codes are needed almost wherever you use your card, so if this is not standard practice in your country, remember to obtain one from your bank before leaving home. Also, most shops will tack on a 3 percent to 4% transaction fee (sometimes without notice) if you pay using a foreign credit card.

It’s worth noting that certain ATMs won’t take PIN codes greater than four characters, which may cause issues for North Americans and some Europeans. Before trying to use the machine, inquire with the clerk whether it takes 5-digit PIN numbers. If your card is incompatible, it may be denied even if you do not input the PIN.


It is important to remember that virtually everything in Denmark is costly. All consumer sales (Moms) contain a 25% sales tax, but stated prices are legally obliged to reflect this, so they are always accurate. If you are not from the EU/Scandinavia, you may get a portion of your sales tax returned when you leave the country.

According to the annual 2009 pricing index, the average price of hotel stay was approximately 900 DKK. A hostel bed costs about DKK 200, although you may get them for less in Copenhagen. While a three-course dinner at a decent restaurant would typically cost about DKK 200-300, this may be done for less by eating in cafés or pizza places, which will cost around DKK 50-100. Sundries, such as a 112l bottle of Coca Cola, cost DKK 10-15 at cheap shops, while a beer costs DKK 3-20 in a supermarket and DKK 20-60 in bars. A daily budget of about DKK 700 per day is not unreasonable if you are a little frugal with your spending.

The public area, on the other hand, provides a plethora of publicly accessible choices for leisure activities, particularly in bigger cities. This includes street sports areas, city bikes, playgrounds, churches, many museums, and all parks, beaches, and natural preserves. Most clubs and popular places in the nightlife are free to enter.


Tipping has not been popular in the past, but it is being introduced by outside forces. Because service charges at restaurants and hotels are automatically included in the bill, and gratuities for taxi drivers and the like are included in the price, tipping should be offered solely as a sign of genuine gratitude for the service. Be aware that tips are often divided between waiters and the kitchen. Taxi drivers do not anticipate gratuities; any additional services (such as bag carrying) will be included on the receipt in accordance with the tariff. While tipping is not expected nor required, it is clearly appreciated when exceptional service is provided.