Saturday, September 18, 2021

Accommodation & Hotels in Denmark

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Danhostel is the national authorized Hostelling International network for budget lodging, with 95 hotels throughout the country. Only the two biggest cities in Denmark, Copenhagen and Aarhus, feature a few independent youth hostels. It’s worth mentioning that the Danish term for hostel is Vandrehjem, which is also what hostels are typically labeled as in Denmark. Another alternative is to use one of the Hospitality exchange networks, which are becoming more popular among Danes, with Couchsurfing claiming a doubling of available hosts every year.

Hotels in Denmark are costly, with an average price of a double room hovering about DKK847 in 2007. Hotels are generally out of reach for budget travelers, but lower bargains may be obtained, particularly for internet bookings made well in advance of arrival. Zleep and Cab-inn are two national cheap hotel brands. Alternatives to hotels include a well-developed network of Bed & Breakfasts, which can be booked through the national tourism organization VisitDenmark (Click on Accommodation > Private accommodation) – or, in a country known for its bacon, butter, and cheese, what better way to immerse yourself in Danish culture than on a Farm Holiday? The National Organization maintains an online directory of farms providing stays across the nation in both English and German. Another option to hotels are the numerous ancient Old Inns – or Kro in Danish – that dot the cities and villages, the majority of which are organized via a national association called Danske Kroer og Hoteller.

Another option for an overnight stay is one of the more than 500 caravan parks (campingpladser in Danish). Most of them are well-equipped with modern amenities, including Wi-Fi in many instances, and welcome caravans, motor homes, and tents, as well as rent out cabins. The Danish Camping Board maintains a list of 450 authorized campsites on their website (, while Eurocampings has almost 350. ( Prices vary considerably and may range from €40 to €200 per night for a family with a caravan.