Saturday, September 18, 2021

Internet & Communications in Czech Republic

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The GSM standard is used by three major mobile phone carriers, and its coverage is excellent (except in some remote, mostly uninhabited areas). If roaming with your own operator is too costly for you, or if you wish to have a Czech phone number, you may get an anonymous prepaid card from any of the three major carriers. However, pricing systems are often very complex, and some research may be required to discover the best option (even with prepaid cards, operators offer a variety of plans that include different extra ‘packages’). GPRS and EDGE are generally supported, while 3G network support is in its early stages (O2, Vodafone and T-mobile, mostly in Prague). The fourth operator (U:fon) utilizes proprietary standards and requires you to purchase specialized gear from them.

There are still some phone boxes around, although they are progressively disappearing with the introduction of mobile phones. Some still take coinage, but the majority need a prepaid telephone card.

You may dial emergency lines for free from any phone (even without a card). The global emergency number 112 is operational and may be used; however, you will only reach a telephone operator who will need to call the actual emergency service on your behalf. To save time, contact the appropriate agency directly: 150 for firemen, 155 for medical emergencies, and 158 for state police.

Wifi is accessible in the majority of restaurants and cafés, particularly in bigger towns. Starbucks, KFC, Gloria Jeans Coffee, and Costa Coffee, in particular, provide free access. You may have to ask a waitress for the pass. There are also some hotspots on the streets, and certain city districts (for example, Prague) provide free wifi access to everyone. However, such coverage is often sluggish and inconsistent, and you may be required to establish an account (using a web browser and the website it is automatically routed to) in order to utilize it. There are also numerous internet cafés in most major cities.