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Destinations in Czech Republic

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Cities in Czech Republic

These are just nine of the most interesting cities chosen to represent the diversity of Czech urban areas. You can find more exciting destinations in the individual regions.

  • Prague – the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic with a large and beautiful historical centre.
  • Brno – the largest city in Moravia and its former capital offers several excellent museums, the annual Moto GP Grand Prix, the annual international fireworks festival Ignis Brunensis, the second largest historical centre in the Czech Republic (after Prague), the second largest ossuarium in Europe (after the catacombs of Paris), one of the largest exhibition centres in Europe, the oldest theatre building in Central Europe and much more.
  • České Budějovice – large attractive town in South Bohemia
  • Český Krumlov – beautiful old town in South Bohemia with the second largest castle in the country
  • Karlovy Vary – historic spa (and the largest Czech spa), especially popular with German and Russian tourist groups.
  • Kutná Hora – historical town with the famous St. Barbora Cathedral, the old silver mines and the All Saints’ Chapel decorated with thousands of human bones
  • Olomouc – a university town on the river with a thousand years of history and the second largest historical centre in the Czech Republic
  • Ostrava – a dynamic local subculture with a long history of coal mining and heavy industry
  • Pilsen – the city of the original Pilsner Urquell beer and the largest city in West Bohemia

Other destinations in Czech Republic

  • Bohemian Paradise: (Český ráj) A region of imposing rock formations and secluded castles located northeast of Prague. The gateway town of Jičín is an interesting destination in itself, but Turnov is closer to most of the castles and rock formations. The twin towers of the Trosky castle ruins are a symbol of the region and can be climbed to admire the view.
  • Karlštejn Castle and the Holy Cave Monastery: Hike to the famous castle as well as to a monastery off the beaten track.
  • Krkonoše : (Giant Mountains) The highest mountain range in the Czech Republic along the Polish border. It is home to the most popular Czech ski resorts, such as Špindlerův Mlýn, but considered too expensive by locals.
  • Litomyšl: A beautiful small town in Eastern Bohemia. The main square and Renaissance chateau are among the most beautiful in the Czech Republic and the town has been home to many important and influential artists, including the composer Bedřich Smetana, the sculptor Olbram Zoubek and the painter Josef Váchal. Two international opera festivals are held in the castle every year.
  • Mariánské Lázně: A spa town in West Bohemia.
  • Mutěnice wine region: Some of the best vineyards in the Czech Republic and completely off the beaten tourist track.
  • Nové Město na Moravě: Cross-country skiing area. The Tour de Ski race takes place there.
  • Terezín: A baroque red brick fortress 70 km north of Prague, on the banks of the Ohře River. It was used as a Jewish ghetto and concentration camp during the Second World War.
  • Znojmo: The Rotunda of the Virgin Mary and St Catherine with the oldest frescoes in the Czech Republic.
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