Friday, September 10, 2021

Things To Know Before Traveling To Cyprus

EuropeCyprusThings To Know Before Traveling To Cyprus

Internet, Comunication

Internet connection is becoming more widely accessible in tourist areas in the form of Internet cafés and side rooms outfitted with monitors. Prices vary, so shop around. €2 an hour seems to be the norm, although you may get better. Many cafés now provide free wi-fi, while hotels and resorts often provide Internet connection to their visitors.


Cyprus’s official languages are Greek and Turkish. Greek is spoken mostly in the south, whereas Turkish is spoken primarily in the north. Because of former British control, English is commonly spoken by people of all ages. French, German, and Russian are all widely spoken on the island.


It is advisable to avoid debating the different qualities of the Greek-Turkish split and events that began in 1963 in certain circles. Any sullying of Archbishop Makarios will be frowned upon.