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How To Travel Around Cyprus

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In Nicosia, public transit has been completely renovated, including all new buses. Even yet, the majority of Cypriots drive. In Cyprus, there are no railroads.

By bus

There is a comprehensive network of bus lines that span the whole island of Cyprus.

Buses are more frequent on the Turkish side (and smaller). They leave from stations on the street north of the northern gate of Nicosia. Prices are comparable to those on the Greek side of Cyprus. Be aware that return tickets may not be valid on all Turkish buses.

By shared taxi

Services begin at 6 or 7 a.m. and continue every half-hour or so until 5 or 6 p.m. on the dot. You may order a cab to pick you up and drop you off wherever inside city boundaries; but, getting in or out of the city will often take longer than the trip itself! Estimate £4-6 for a cab trip on any of them, with a surcharge on Sundays and holidays. A service taxi is another name for a service vehicle.

By car

Car rental is the most convenient (but most costly) method to travel about the island. Companies usually will not hire vehicles for less than three days, but certain foreign vendors (Budget) may provide one or two day service for a premium price. Renting ahead of time may be advantageous since walk-in choices are clearly restricted to available vehicles. Cypriots drive on the left side of the road, as is customary in the United Kingdom and the British Commonwealth. Driving standards, on the other hand, are deplorable. Drivers approach their craft with equal parts aggression and ineptitude, and they see traffic regulations as just suggestions. Some major roads do not even have road markers, and drivers often honk their horns, particularly in Nicosia. Crossing the street should be done with caution, and driving on it should be done with much more caution. Highways are usually in good shape and easy to navigate, while minor roads vary considerably in quality. As in neighboring countries, rental vehicles often utilize diesel fuel, and manual transmission rentals are generally less expensive than automatic transmission rentals, although not always by a few euros.

How To Travel To Cyprus

By planeLarnaca International Airport (LCA) is Cyprus's major airport, located on the outskirts of Larnaka.The former major international airport, situated southwest of Nicosia, is currently on the Green Line that separates the Greek and Turkish portions of Cyprus; it has been closed since 1974.Cyprus is served by a number...

Visa & Passport Requirements for Cyprus

Minimum validity of travel documentsEU, EEA, and Swiss nationals simply need to bring a passport that is valid for the duration of their stay in Cyprus.All other nations who need a visa (including visa-exempt nationals such as New Zealanders and Australians) must, however, show a passport that is valid...

Destinations in Cyprus

Regions in CyprusCyprus is split into six administrative areas, each of which is named after its administrative capital. The whole Kyrenia district, the majority of Famagusta district, and the northern part of Nicosia district have been under Turkish military rule since 1974. Those regions are administered by the Turkish...

Accommodation & Hotels in Cyprus

Cyprus has a plethora of hotels and hotel flats of various levels of quality. Kefalos Beach Tourist Village, Holiday Inn, Le Meridien, Hilton, and Elias Beach Hotel are among the hotels. Through the government's Agrotourism program, alternative self-catering lodging is available in renovated traditional homes in beautiful communities across...

Things To See in Cyprus

The many archaeological and antiquities sites spread across the island, ranging from the New Stone Age to the Roman EmpireThe island's magnificent shoreline, which is still relatively unspoiled in many areas, is definitely worth exploring.Nicosia, the capital, has a wealth of history, preserved Venetian walls surrounding the city, some...

Food & Drinks in Cyprus

Cypriot meze (appetizers similar to Spanish tapas) is an art form, and certain restaurants specialize on it. Meze are available in meat or fish varieties, but they often come in a mixed batch, which is very appealing.Kleftiko grilled lamb with herb and lemon flavors.Halloumi (Χαλλούμι) is a distinctively Cypriot cheese...

Money & Shopping in Cyprus

CostsCyprus has long been a pricey tourist destination. Except for a few agricultural goods, almost else must be imported. The cost of living in Cyprus is similar to that of Central Europe, particularly in tourist areas. Examples of prices: A pack of smokes costs €4, a cheeseburger costs €5-€7,...

Festivals & Holidays in Cyprus

Public holidays in CyprusNew Year's Day – 1 JanuaryEpiphany – 6 JanuaryClean Monday – date variableGreek Independence Day – 25 MarchCyprus National Day – 1 AprilGood Friday – date variableHoly Saturday – date variableEaster Sunday – date variableEaster Monday – date variableEaster Tuesday – date variableLabour Day – 1 MayPentecost Monday – date variableDormition of the...

Culture Of Cyprus

In terms of culture, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots have a lot in common, yet they also have distinctions. Several traditional foods (such as souvla and halloumi) and drinks, as well as expressions and ways of life, are comparable. Hospitality, as well as purchasing or providing food and beverages...

History Of Cyprus

Prehistoric and Ancient CyprusThe oldest known site of human activity on Cyprus is Aetokremnos, located on the island's south coast, showing that hunter-gatherers were active on the island about 10,000 BC, with established village populations going back to 8200 BC. The extinction of dwarf hippos and dwarf elephants coincides...

Stay Safe & Healthy in Cyprus

Cyprus is an astonishingly safe nation, with very little violent crime. Cars and homes are often left unlocked. However, it is prudent to exercise caution while taking beverages from strangers, particularly in Ayia Napa, where muggings have occurred on many occasions.It is also worth noting that the many Cypriot...



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