Saturday, September 18, 2021

Things To See in Croatia

EuropeCroatiaThings To See in Croatia

Croatia has an impressive history, which can best be seen in the multitude of places worth seeing. Most towns have a historical centre with typical architecture. There are differences between the coast and the mainland, so both areas are a must-see. The most famous city is probably Dubrovnik, a perfect example of coastal architecture, but it is not the only one worth visiting. Equally important is the capital and largest city, Zagreb, with a population of around 1 million. It is a modern city with all the modern features, but it has a relaxed look. To the east, the Slavonia region is a source of inspiration, with the regional capital Osijek and the war-torn city of Vukovar. Vineyards and wine cellars are scattered throughout the region and most of them offer tours and wine tastings.

There are many cultural places worth seeing all over the country. Croatia has 7 UNESCO protected areas, 8 national parks and 10 nature parks. In total, the country has 444 protected areas. The beautiful Adriatic Sea stretches over 1,777 km of coastline, there are 1,246 islands to see, making Croatia an attractive nautical destination.