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Croatia uses the GSM 900/1800 system for mobile phones. There are three providers, T-Mobile (who also operate the prepaid brand Bonbon), Vip (who also operate the prepaid brand Tomato) and Tele2. More than 98% of the country is covered. UMTS (3G) has also been available since 2006, and HSDPA and LTE from 2013. If you have an unlocked phone, you can buy a prepaid SIM card for 20 kn. There were promotions where SIM cards were distributed for free with newspapers (7 kn) and sometimes even literally on the street. GSM phones with prepaid SIM cards from T-Mobile or Vip can be found in post offices, grocery shops and kiosks at different prices.

An alternative to the mobile phone is the phone card, which is available in post offices and kiosks. There are two providers, Dencall and Hitme. You can buy cards from 25 kn.

Area codes: When calling between cities (actually counties) or from a mobile phone, you must dial certain area codes: (area code)+(phone number)

Zagreb (01) Split (021) Rijeka (051) Dubrovnik (020) Šibenik/Knin (022) Zadar (023) Osijek (031) Vukovar (032) Virovitica (033) Požega (034) Slavonski Brod (035) Čakovec (040) Varaždin (042) Bjelovar (043) Sisak (044) Karlovac (047) Koprivnica (048) Krapina (049) Istria (052) Lika/Senj (053) Mobile phones (091) (092) (095) (097) (098) or (099)


ADSL is widely available in Croatia. A 4 Mbit connection with unlimited downloads costs 178 kn (€24) per month with T-Com and only 99 kn with some other providers like Metronet or Iskon. Cable internet is available on with a wide range of speeds and prices.

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There are internet cafés in all larger cities. They are relatively cheap and reliable. A free Wi-Fi signal can be found in almost every city (cafés, restaurants, hotels, some libraries, schools, universities). Unsecured private networks have become rare.

Postal service

The Croatian postal service is generally reliable, if sometimes a little slow. Every town and city has a post office. You can find the exact location here, as well as the price list (prices change often).

Television, radio and print media

HRT, the public TV channel, operates four channels, while the commercial channels RTL and Nova TV have two channels each. Foreign films and series are broadcast with sound in the original language (English, Turkish, German, Italian…) and with Croatian subtitles. Only children’s programmes are dubbed. Many hotels and private residences offer channels from other European countries (mainly Germany).

Radio stations that broadcast pop/rock music in English are HRT-HR 2, Otvoreni and Totalni. They all have occasional traffic reports, but only HR 2 translates them into English, German and Italian in summer. The other national stations are HRT-HR 1 (news), HRT-HR 3 (mainly classical music), Narodni (Croatian pop music) and HKR (Catholic radio).

Newspapers and magazines from Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Great Britain, Russia, Slovenia, Serbia and other countries are available in Croatia. In Zagreb and the northern coastal areas, some foreign newspapers arrive on time, elsewhere they are delayed.