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Things To Do in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Rafting on the Neretva, Una, and Tara rivers, as well as the Drina, with several shorter courses on the Krivaja, Vrbas, and Sana rivers.

The 2009 World Rafting Championships were held at Banja Luka on the Vrbas River and Foa on the Drina River, both in Serbia.

Kayaking and canoeing

The Neretva river and its tributaries the Trebiat and Unac rivers, as well as the Krivaja river and its tributary the Biotica river, are all excellent kayaking locations, with plenty of whitewater on the Krivaja. The Pliva river and its lakes Veliko and Malo, as well as the middle and lower Una rivers and the Trebiat river, are excellent canoeing locations.


The renowned Rakitnica canyon of the Rakitnica river, a tributary of the Neretva river, offers excellent canyoning experience, but even more severe canyoning routes may be discovered in the Bjela river, another Neretva river branch. The Unac River and its canyon provide excellent canyoning opportunities.

The gorges of the Svrakava and Cvrcka rivers are also near to Banja Luka.

Mountain biking

Sport is popular in the area, and the country’s hilly landscape is becoming an increasingly popular destination for cyclists from all over the globe.

Winter sports

Bosnia and Herzegovina hosted the Winter Olympics in 1984, and it is still proud of its winter sports ability. There are difficult locations, particularly in the Sarajevo area. Many Olympic sites were badly damaged during the 1990s conflict, but everything is now in place to provide the skier with an unforgettable experience.

The Bjelasnica mountain range, which has over 8 kilometers of ski routes, is close to Sarajevo, as are the Jahorina (20 km) and Igman mountains. The 14-kilometer-long Vlasic Mountain is located near Travnik. Other resorts include Blidinje in the east, Vlasenica in the west, and Kupres in the east.

Summer walks in Bjelanica and Jahorina are also lovely.


The best fly-fishing spots in Bosnia are in the northwestern Bosanska Krajina, inside National Park “Una,” and along the Sana River . Fly-fishing enthusiasts may take a tour of the many trout hotspots on the river Una, the Klokot, the Krunica, the Unac, the Sana, the Bliha, the Sanica, the Ribnik, the Vrbas, the Pliva, the Janj, the Sturba, the Trebiat, the Buna, the Bunica, the Neretva, the Tara, the Sutjeska, the Drina, There are resorts in many of the places that cater specifically to anglers’ requirements.