Saturday, September 18, 2021

Stay Safe & Healthy in Belgium

EuropeBelgiumStay Safe & Healthy in Belgium

Stay safe in Belgium

With the exception of certain areas in the centre of Brussels and the outskirts of Antwerp (the port and the docks), Belgium is a safe country. Belgians are somewhat shy and introverted, but generally helpful towards foreigners.

For those who end up in Charleroi and Liège, these are the regions with the highest crime rates in southern Belgium. But if you watch your stuff and avoid walking alone at night, nothing really serious will happen to you.

There can be mild resentment among Muslims and people of North African origin, a problem that is particularly acute in Brussels and Antwerp. The burqa is banned in public.

The marijuana laws are quite lenient, small amounts are only punishable by fines.

The emergency number in Belgium (fire brigade, police, ambulance) is 112.

Stay healthy in Belgium

In winter, as in most other European countries, only the flu will cause you considerable inconvenience. No vaccination is required to enter or leave Belgium.

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