Saturday, September 18, 2021

Language & Phrasebook in Belgium

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Belgium has three official languages at federal level: Dutch, French and German. However, English is widely spoken by the younger generation in the Dutch-speaking regions. On the other hand, English is not as widely spoken in the French-speaking areas due to lack of exposure, although it is always possible to find English speakers if you make the effort. You will find that some older people speak English, especially in Flanders, but this is less likely.

Although Belgium has three official languages, this does not mean that they are all official everywhere. Flanders’ only official language is Dutch; Brussels has Dutch and French as official languages, although French is the lingua franca; and Wallonia’s only official language is French, except in the nine municipalities (including the city of Eupen and its surroundings) of the German-speaking community.

A very small number of people in Wallonia, especially the older generations, still speak the Walloon language. This language, although not official, is recognised by the French Community of Belgium as an “indigenous regional language”, as are several other varieties of Romance (Champagne, Lorraine and Picard) and Germanic (Luxembourgish) languages.