Friday, September 10, 2021

Money & Shopping in Belarus

EuropeBelarusMoney & Shopping in Belarus

Belarusian rubles are represented by the three letters BYR put before the price with no space in between.

Within Belarus, Belarusian rubles (but not always Euros or US dollars) can be obtained from automatic bank machines (ATMs) for standard types of credit/debit cards, and US dollars and euros can be exchanged for Belarusian rubles and vice versa at many exchange kiosks in major railway stations and city centers. Converting Belarusian rubles into hard cash soon before leaving or once outside of Belarus will most likely be very difficult (except in Lithuania, Latvia, and Moldova). However, if you convert all of your rubles before departing, any last-minute purchases, overstay penalties, and customs taxes must be paid in Euros or US dollars.

Be cautious: exchange kiosks will not exchange any damaged or marked notes without a 1-2 percent fee. Take only reasonably fresh and undamaged foreign currency with you.

Credit card terminals are available in most bigger supermarkets, businesses, and motels, although they are not always available in smaller establishments. American Express is not accepted, however Visa and MasterCard are.

Prices are generally cheaper than in Western Europe, particularly in the retail food and service industries. Hotels and restaurants, on the other hand, are not less costly than in Western Europe, and are often much more expensive than in neighboring Poland.