Saturday, September 18, 2021

How To Travel To Belarus

EuropeBelarusHow To Travel To Belarus

Traveling by vehicle will bring you a long way since Belarus’ infrastructure was substantially built following World War II. By European standards, gasoline is very inexpensive. 1L costs USD1 (as of April 2010). There is no need to browse around since all gasoline stations have the same government-mandated pricing. Cars may be rented in Minsk from large international rental chains or smaller local businesses, either at the airport or in the city. Traveling across the country by rail will bring you to a lot of desirable locations very cheaply and quickly (make sure that you book an express train). Timetables for all modes of transportation may be found here, as well as for trains on the Belarusian railway’s website. You will also be able to get a peek of Belarusian environment, since woods and grasslands frequently begin right on the outskirts of towns. There are practically no mountains in this area of Europe; it’s just flat green plain. Don’t expect to see wild animals along the train tracks if you’re fortunate; they’re usually scared of loud sounds and violent people.

Belarus is not a big nation, and it is possible to go from one side of its border to the other in less than a day.