Saturday, September 18, 2021

Food & Drinks in Azerbaijan

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Azerbaijan’s specialities include cabbage, grape leaves, and eggplant wrapped meat (kelem, yarpaq, badimjan – dolmasi), kabab (kebab), rice with various toppings (plov – it is claimed that plov is the king of Azerbaijani cuisine), gutabs, and meatballs (kufta).

Yarpaq dolmasi is often regarded as the national dish.

Bread is a foodstuff that the people of Azerbaijan hold in high regard.

Georgian cuisine, particularly kajpuri (a cheese-filled bread), as well as certain Russian staples (borsh, creps), have spread across Azerbaijan. Other cuisines available in Baku include Turkish, Italian, Asian, Western, and fast food, as well as Asian food.

Ayran (a yogurt drink produced from sour milk) and sherbet are two popular local beverages (made from rose petals or saffron). There are also a variety of reasonably priced wines made from local grapes, as well as a broad range of mineral waters derived from natural springs. Lemonades (limonat/dushes) prepared from pears or taragon are available in certain markets in Azerbaijan.