Saturday, September 18, 2021

Accommodation & Hotels in Austria

EuropeAustriaAccommodation & Hotels in Austria

Although you can usually find hotels in smaller cities, they are quite expensive (even more expensive than in larger cities). The most affordable options in larger cities are youth hostels. In smaller cities you will often find families who rent bed & breakfast style apartments or a room ) for 15-25 €. In the countryside, many farmers rent rooms for a few nights, both officially and unofficially . To find accommodation, you can simply knock on the door of a farmhouse and ask: if you don’t have a room, you will probably have someone nearby who does.

You may also find many campsites ( some of them are open all year round), but despite being exceptionally clean and usually offering additional services, they are also slightly more expensive compared to other Central European countries.

According to Austrian law, each person must register at his or her home address, regardless of whether it is only for one night and regardless of whether it is a camp.

For this reason, hotels will usually ask you to hand over your passport or driver’s license and may also refuse to provide accommodation if you have no ID. You should not worry too much about getting your passport. In several countries this practice would raise concerns, but in Austria it is a normal procedure. You passport will be returned to you. If you stay in private accommodation for longer than approximately two weeks, you will have to obtain a Meldezettel registration document (Meldezettel) from their local registration office (Bezirksamt or Meldeamt), typically located in the town hall. This certificate must be signed by the owner or the tenant of your accommodation. Failing to present this document when you leave can cause difficulties if you are staying in the country for more than two or three months.