Saturday, September 18, 2021

Things To See in Armenia

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Armenia is considered the birthplace of Christianity since it was the first nation to be evangelized by two of Jesus’ own followers. There is still a richness of religious history to be seen today. Beautiful cathedrals and monasteries abound, some dating back up to 1700 years. Several of the most significant are included on Unesco’s World Heritage list. To begin, there is the Geghard monastery, which was built out of a mountain slope and is spectacularly positioned between the magnificent rocks of the Azat river canyon. Once there, the Garni Temple, with its Greek temple-style structures, is only a short walk downriver. The Etchmiadzin Cathedral in Vagharshapat is the world’s oldest cathedral, with sections going back to the 5th century. The Monastry of Sanahin, which means “this one is older than that one,” is just a short distance away from the Haghpat Monastery. Both date from the tenth century. The 7th century ZvartnotsCathedral is currently in ruins, although it is regarded to have significant archeological significance.

If you want to see more, go to Yererouk’s basilica and archaeological site, or the remains of Dvin’s ancient city. Some historic sites are located in lovely valleys. The monastery of Noravank is located in the picturesque Amaghou Valley, while the monasteries of Tatev and Tatevi Anapat are located in the Vorotan Valley, which is beautiful and studded with churches.

The monastery of Khor Virap is unlisted yet undeniably magnificent. It has excellent views of Mount Ararat, which is now officially part of Turkey but appears on the Armenian national flag. This is where Noah’s arc landed, according to the Book of Genesis.

This well-known peak can be viewed from the nation’s capital, Yerevan, and is the Armenian cultural center, with enough of opera and theater to go around. The Armenian Genocide Memorial & Museum has a tragic but important narrative to tell, as does the State Museum of Armenian History. Visit the bustling Vernisaj Market or ascend the steps of the Yerevan Cascade for a more laid-back vibe. Lake Sevan is another popular destination for both local and foreign visitors. During the summer, the beaches of this enormous high-altitude fresh water lake (one of the world’s biggest) are a popular destination for anything from day excursions to camp site vacations and resort holidays.