Saturday, September 18, 2021

Language & Phrasebook in Armenia

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Armenian is the country’s sole official language, and it has its own language group within the Indo-European language family. However, since Armenia was a part of the Soviet Union, nearly all Armenians can speak some Russian, and Russian remains a required second language in schools. English is becoming increasingly commonly spoken, especially in Yerevan; nevertheless, outside of the city, relatively few people speak English at all.

Mesrop Mashtots developed the Armenian alphabet with 39 letters (which are not comparable to Hebrew symbols) in 405 AD. The look of it seems very complicated when compared to Latin, but unlike English and many other languages, the spelling of Armenian is highly phonetic, so reading should not be a problem once you know the sound of each letter. However, since Armenian contains many distinctive consonants, it may be difficult for foreigners to reproduce certain sounds.

The last syllable of words is emphasized.