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Things To Do in Andorra

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Ski Resorts

The majority of these resorts were originally tiny mountain towns that grew in recent years as a result of skiing. In recent years, the resorts have merged such that your ski ticket now includes access to neighboring regions. As a consequence, two major alpine skiing regions have emerged: Vallnord and Grandvalira.

Vallnord encompasses Arcalis as well as the Arinsal-Pal ski resort. Arcalis lies relatively far from Arinsal-Pal, however the two have recently been linked by a cable car linking the two ski resorts. The Arisnal-Pal ski area is immediately accessible from La Massana, right in the center of town. Trails totaling 93 kilometers (58 miles).

Grandvalira is responsible for Soldeu and Pas de la Casa. Encamp and Canillo both have access to the Soldeu ski area. This has ingeniously opened up various regions to deal with the impact of tourists without placing all of the pressure on Soldeu. It contains 193 kilometers of ski slopes ranging in elevation from 1710 to 2640 meters. Grandvalira’s surface area is about 1.926 H, and it is divided into six distinct areas:

  • Pas de la Casa is a ski resort near the French border.
  • Soldeu is a ski resort.
  • Arcalis—ski area situated at the valley’s head from El Serrat.
  • Arinsal is a ski resort in the Arinsal Pal ski area. Vallnord, which translates as “Valley North” in English, is another name for Vallnord.
  • Pal is a ski resort that is part of the Arinsal Pal ski region.
  • Arinsal-Pal — Actually, two ski regions are linked by a cable car.

La Rabassa is a Nordic (cross-country) skiing area in southern Andorra, above the town of Sant Julia de Loria.

Hiking and trekking

Make sure you pack something other than sandals and a handbag for your smartphone.

Andorra is an excellent trekking destination. The village of Arinsal, at the foot of the Coma Pedrosa (2,942 m/9,652 ft) and the Pic de Médécourbe (2,914 m/9,560 ft), serves as the starting point.

  • Treks from Arinsal (1,500 m) – Pic de Sanfons (2,888 m/9,475 ft, 4h45, climb 1,310 m/4,298 ft, medium till hut, tough on crest). View of the Coma Pedrosa, the Tor valley, the Baiau lakes, and the Pallars mountains in Spain. On the route, there’s a mountain cabin and a lake. Parking is available at Torrent Ribal (15,580 m/5,184 ft).
  • Pic de Médécourbe 2,914 m (4h30, climb 1,335 m/4,380 ft, medium until the hut increasing to difficult on the ridge). A timeless masterpiece! Halfway up the mountain, there is a mountain lodge, lakes, and a magnificent view over the Arinsal, Boet, and Vicdessos valleys (France). Parking is available at Torrent Ribal (15,580 m/5,184 ft). The mountain serves as the western tripoint international border between Andorra, France, and Spain.
  • Pic de Coma Pedrosa 2,942 m (4h30, climb 1,370 m, medium until the lake, difficult on the ridge). The highest peak in Andorra. Halfway up the mountain, there is a cabin and lakes. Beautiful views over the surrounding peaks, the Arinsal valley, and the Maladeta and Ecantats massifs to the west. Parking is available at Torrent Ribal 1580m.
  • Montmantell lakes and the Pic del Pla de l’Estany 2,859 m (4h20, climb 1’280m, medium). Half-way up the mountain, lakes, and a breathtaking view of the Ariège mountains in France and Andorra. Parking is available at Torrent Ribal (1580 m).
  • Arinsal – Percanela – les Fonts – Pla de l’Estany – Arinsal circuit 2’055m (4h30, climb 670m, medium) 2 mountain huts. A really nice circuit that may be completed in either direction. Beautiful views of Coma Pedrosa from the impressive natural amphitheatre at Les Fonts. On the route, there are a few bordas (farm homes), some restored and others in ruins. Parking is available at Arinsal (1,466 m).
  • Camí del coll de les Cases 1,950 m (1h40, climb 490 m, medium) Panorama of the Ordino mountains and La Massana. Ideal for a picnic and meditation. The GR11 may be followed all the way to Arans (parking at Mas de Ribafeta 1466m), but transportation back to Arinsal is required.


In Andorra La Vella, there lies the well-known Caldea, a spa/swimming pool complex. This is very popular. It is situated towards the summit of Andorra-la-Vella and is difficult to overlook due to its enormous glass spire construction, which is quite an attraction on the skyline alone.