Saturday, September 18, 2021

Things To Do in Albania

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Almost two-thirds of Albania’s land area is hilly or mountainous. These allow outdoor leisure possibilities, as well as off-road cycling. There is a resurgence of interest in adventure tourism in Albania’s well-known sites. Various locations in the Northern Alps, with altitudes of up to 2,700 m, entice all kinds of “adventure seekers.” The settlements of Vermosh, Thethi, Razm, Bog, and Valbona, in particular, may all serve as expedition destinations.

Cultural experiences may also be found in the highlands. You may also visit Albania’s jewel, the Albanian Coastline. The Albanian coast starts in the northwest at the Buna River delta, which defines the boundary between Albania and Montenegro, and continues south until it reaches Stillo Cape, which marks the border between Albania and Greece. The shoreline, which includes numerous lagoons and ports, extends over 450 kilometers and meets two seas: the Ionian in the south and the Adriatic in the north. All of the aforementioned, on a pair of wheels, in a single nation.