Saturday, September 18, 2021

Language & Phrasebook in Albania

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The official language is Albanian.

Due to numerous Italian occupations, the most notable of which was during World War II, Italian is often regarded as the de facto second language.

English is intelligible in Tirana and, to a lesser degree, in other popular tourist destinations.

Greek may also be heard in the country’s southernmost regions. It is worth noting that Albania has a large number of immigrants in Greece, from which about 200,000 people have returned and now reside in Albania.

Macedonian is also spoken in regions around Pogradec and Korca on occasion.

There have been about 1.2 million emigrants from a nation of 3 million, and many of them have returned to Albania from countries such as Germany, France, Greece (particularly those in southern Albania), and Italy, therefore you’ll discover a large number of individuals who speak the respective languages.