Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Internet & Communications in Vanuatu

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Vanuatu’s international country code is +678. To call someone in another country from Vanuatu, dial 00 followed by the appropriate country code and phone number.

Ambulance (22-100), Fire (22-333), and Police (22-333) are the emergency phone numbers (22-222).

GSM mobile coverage is available in Port-Vila, Vanuatu, and most GSM phones roam smoothly. TVI sells special tourist SIM cards that provide significant savings over roaming costs. Any post office will have it.

International roaming is accessible from New Zealand and Australia. Telecom Vanuatu offers a package dubbed ‘Smile Visitor,’ which includes a sim card and pre-purchased credit. This is available for purchase at the Vanuatu Telecom Office in town. +678 081111 is the phone number. Please contact us at [email protected] vu

Or with the newcomer Digicel, which will provide Telecom with much-needed competition. Digicel has established a strong presence and may be found almost everywhere. They offer a variety of low-cost options available to you.


There are internet cafés in Luganville and Port-Vila. Some post offices, which can be located on the major streets of Port-Vila and Luganville, as well as on Espiritu Santo, may also offer Internet access.

Postal services

Postal services to the rest of Europe may take up to seven days. You can send letters and postcards from public mailboxes, but the incoming postal service, particularly for packages, may be spotty, so don’t depend on others mailing you stuff while you’re in Vanuatu.