Saturday, September 18, 2021

How To Travel Around Vanuatu

Australia and OceaniaVanuatuHow To Travel Around Vanuatu

By plane

There are a few charter airlines, including Unity Airlines, Sea Air, and Air Safaris, but the domestic network is operated by the government airline, Air Vanuatu.

Several businesses in Vanuatu provide watercraft services between the islands. Fresh Cargo, Ifira Shipping Agencies, and Toara Coastal Shipping are among them.

By bus

Buses in Port Vila are minivans that seat approximately ten passengers and mostly travel the main route, stopping where you want them to. If you wave at one of these, it will come to a halt in the direction you wish to travel. They are numerous inside the city, and if you are traveling outside of the city, you can generally arrange for a bus to meet you at a certain time. If one seems to be full, just wait for the next one. Locals utilize the buses, but visitors find them to be extremely pleasant, inexpensive, and simple to operate. Typically, the fare is determined per person. Generally, the cost is 150 vatu per person wherever in Port Vila. If you go a longer distance, the price may increase to 300-500 vatu per person.