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Food & Drinks in Vanuatu

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Food in Vanuatu

There are many restaurants and cafes in Port Vila, ranging from high-end businesses catering to visitors and expatriates to more casual options. Lunch will cost you between 1000 and 1500 vatu, depending on where you dine and what you eat.


The typical meal, lap lap, is a root vegetable cake that you will most likely be served once during your visit. Essentially, this is manioc (cassava), sweet potato, taro, or yam shaved into the center of a banana leaf, topped with island cabbage and, sometimes, a chicken wing. This is all bundled up into a flat parcel and baked underground on hot stones until it all melts together like a cake. The best location to get some of these is in the food market in town, which should cost about 100 vatu.


This is a lap lap variant in which the cake is wrapped into a cylinder with meat in the center. It tastes similar to a sausage roll. These may be found in the market again (typically from mele village folks), but they will be served in foam boxes to keep them warm.


Vanuatu’s beef is well-known across the region. There will be posters at the airports advising you to pack the 25kg of meat allowed to other neighboring island countries. The meat is particularly excellent because it is entirely produced organically, with no feedlots or other issues associated with westernised mass farming. As a consequence, the steaks are very tasty.


As you would imagine from an island country, seafood is popular, and the quality is usually good. Restaurants often serve reef fish, as well as prawns, lobster, and the delicious coconut crab.

The coconut crab is only found in the South Pacific and Indian Oceans, and its population has been decreasing so fast that it is now a protected species in most regions. The minimum legal size in Vanuatu is four centimetres, although the monster may grow to be more than eight centimetres long with a limb spread of up to ninety centimetres. The crab’s name comes from the fact that it climbs palm trees to chop down and consume coconuts – nothing to do with the taste.

Drinks in Vanuatu


Kava is a traditional drink produced from the roots of the pepper plant Piper methysticum. Kava is intoxicating, but not in the same way that alcohol is. It has sedative properties. Some travelers have reported a hangover as a result of their drinking.

Kava is drunk in private homes as well as in local establishments known as Nakamal. On occasion, some of the resorts may provide kava for visitors to sample.

Kava is traditionally served in a “shell” or tiny bowl. Drink the whole shell-full slowly, then spit. Because the taste of kava is strong and unpleasant, it’s a good idea to have a soft drink on hand to rinse with afterward.

It is worth mentioning that the kava accessible in Vanuatu is usually considerably stronger than the kava available in other Pacific islands such as Fiji, where it is relatively mild. Four or five big shells at a normal kava bar can leave an unskilled drinker dizzy (or worse) within a few of hours, and recovery can take a day.

To have the most enjoyable kava experience, go with an experienced drinker and follow their example, take the tiny shells, and quit after an hour and a half. It’s simple to locate a native kava drinking companion; just inquire around your hotel and you’ll find volunteers – maybe for the price of a shell or two.

Kava bars (or Nakamals) are often dimly lit or have no illumination at all. This is because strong lighting and kava intoxication do not mix well – therefore be cautious with flash photography, which may not be well accepted in such settings.


Alcoholic drinks are readily accessible as well. A broad variety of beverages are offered at tourist-oriented resorts, pubs, and restaurants. “Tusker” and “Vanuatu Bitter” are the names of the local beers.

How To Travel To Vanuatu

By boat Port-Vila on the island of Efate and Luganville on the island of Espiritu Santo are Vanuatu's major ports.P&O Trips offers frequent cruises through Vanuatu's seas.Tallship Soren Larsen, +64 9 817 8799, sails from Fiji to Port Vila and Santo once a year to explore the northern Banks Islands....

How To Travel Around Vanuatu

By plane There are a few charter airlines, including Unity Airlines, Sea Air, and Air Safaris, but the domestic network is operated by the government airline, Air Vanuatu. Several businesses in Vanuatu provide watercraft services between the islands. Fresh Cargo, Ifira Shipping Agencies, and Toara Coastal Shipping are among them. By bus Buses...

Destinations in Vanuatu

Regions in Vanuatu Vanuatu's islands are divided into six geographic provinces, with names derived by combining the initial syllables or letters of the main islands in each. TorbaTorres Islands and Banks Islands Sanma (Luganville)Espiritu Santo and Malo PenamaPentecost/Pentecote, Ambae and Maewo MalampaMalakula, Ambrym and Paama Shefa (Port-Vila)Shepherd Group and Efate TafeaTanna, Aniwa, Futuna, Erromango and Aneityum/Anatom Matthew and Hunter...

Accommodation & Hotels in Vanuatu

There are several levels of lodging available. Resort The most popular and biggest of the resorts is Le Lagon. It has been in operation for more than 30 years. It provides significant discounts for children, so there are a lot of youngsters visiting during the Australian school vacations. Iririki Island is a...

Things To See in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is not on the typical traveller's bucket list. Except for those who like scuba diving, since divers have long found the underwater riches of this South Pacific island. Even if you don't intend to swim in the country's clear blue seas, it's a vibrant blend of traditional Melanesian...

Money & Shopping in Vanuatu

The Vatu is the native money (VT). (The ISO 4217 code for it is VUV.) 100VT is now worth about 0.94 USD, 1.25 AUD, 1.40 NZD, or 0.84 EUR as of March 2016. There are notes in denominations of 200 VT, 500 VT, 1000 VT, and 5000 VT, as...

Traditions & Customs in Vanuatu

Throughout Vanuatu, and particularly in the communities outside of Port Vila, life is heavily affected by "kastom" – a collection of ancient traditions and taboos that apply to a wide range of issues. Be mindful of this and heed residents' demands for "kastom." When visiting villages, ladies should dress modestly,...

Language & Phrasebook in Vanuatu

The official languages are English, French, and Bislama. Bislama is a pidgin language – and now a creole in urban areas – that blends a characteristically Melanesian syntax with a mostly English vocabulary. It is the sole language that the whole Vanuatu population understands and speaks, usually as a...

Internet & Communications in Vanuatu

Telephone Vanuatu's international country code is +678. To call someone in another country from Vanuatu, dial 00 followed by the appropriate country code and phone number. Ambulance (22-100), Fire (22-333), and Police (22-333) are the emergency phone numbers (22-222). GSM mobile coverage is available in Port-Vila, Vanuatu, and most GSM...

Culture Of Vanuatu

Vanuatu culture maintains a high level of variety due to local regional differences and international influence. Vanuatu is split into three cultural areas. Wealth in the north is determined by how much one can give away, as determined by a grade-taking system. Pigs, especially those with rounded tusks, are...

History Of Vanuatu

Vanuatu's prehistory is unknown; archaeological evidence suggests that people speaking Austronesian languages initially arrived on the islands about 3,300 years ago. Pottery pieces ranging from 1300–1100 BC have been discovered. The Vanuatu group of islands first came into contact with Europeans in 1606, when the Portuguese explorer Pedro Fernandes de...

Stay Safe & Healthy in Vanuatu

Before visiting Vanuatu, it is recommended that you get immunized against Hepatitis A and B, as well as typhoid fever. Malaria is prevalent in certain parts of Vanuatu but not in Port-Vila. If you want to go outside of the resort regions, consult with your doctor beforehand. Malaria may not...



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