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Things To See in Tonga

Australia and OceaniaTongaThings To See in Tonga
  • Tongatapu. Tongatapu is Tonga’s biggest island, home to more than two-thirds of the country’s population. It is bordered by coral reefs and is a coral island. Despite the difficulties of a few years ago, the capital, Nuku’alofa, on the north coast, has a calm vibe. There are several fascinating sites to explore, such as old tombs and coastal blowholes, as well as some beautiful beaches with excellent snorkeling. Tongatapu is also a wonderful place to see a distinct culture. To the north of Tongatapu, many tiny islands have been converted into resorts. Nuku’alofa offers high quality lodging as well as backpacker-friendly guest homes.
  • Eua. ‘Eua Island is just 17.5 kilometers east of Tongatapu. It is Tonga’s tallest island and, being considerably older, is not geologically linked to the other islands. It has beaches on the west coast but spectacular cliffs on the east coast, as well as Tonga’s biggest tropical rain forest, which is a wonderful location to go hiking. There are a few modest guest houses in the area.
  • Vava’u. Vava’u is a collection of more than 50 islands located about 150 miles north of Tongatapu. They are either coral atolls or elevated coral limestone. The picturesque port opposite Neiafu’s main town is a popular stop for yachties sailing the South Pacific, drawing about 500 boats each season. The islands’ seas are well-known for their purity. Between June and November, the region draws a large number of humpback whales, and there are organized excursions to view them. Other activities include diving, boat rental, kayaking, game fishing, and kite surfing. On the main island, there are several nice hikes. There are many locations to stay in both the capital, Neiafu, and on the surrounding islands.
  • Ha’apai. The Ha’apai group of islands is located south of the Vava’u group and north of Tongatapu. Only around 20 islands are continuously populated. The Mutiny on the Bounty took place here in 1789. The entire population is about 5,500 people. There are several sandy beaches, as well as excellent diving and snorkeling and the chance to view whales. Ha’apai has a wide variety of accommodations, from cheap to upscale resort.
  • The Niuas. The Niuas may be reached by weekly flights from Vava’u. Niuatoputapu is located 240 kilometers north of Vava’u and has a population of about 1400 people. It boasts lovely white beaches, especially on the island’s northwestern coast. Tonga’s northernmost island is Niuafo’ou. Tin Can Island got its name from the fact that mail was formerly carried and picked up by strong swimmers who would recover parcels packed in a biscuit tin and tossed overboard from passing ships. Niuafo’ou is the tip of a submerged volcano. The most recent eruption occurred in 1946, following which the whole island was evacuated for 10 years. On both islands, there is a scarcity of lodging.
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